Monday, July 28, 2014

See 'ya... wouldn't want to be 'ya !

Drivers usually will announce a new contract / team change when all the I's have been dotted and T's crossed and the ink has dried. For the last two years, Roush-Fenway Racing has announced their driver lineup for the next season in July. This isn't as much of a "here's who are drivers will be" as it is "here's who WON'T be driving for us next year." In this case, Carl Edwards.

What this tells me is that Jack and the management team at RFR are too focused on these types of details when most teams wait a few more months to do so and are NOT focused on competition and putting themselves in the best position to win.

Supposedly, the RFR driver contracts include the provision that a driver currently under contract can't talk until September if they are making a change. By mandating this (if true,) from an employee and then one-upping (embarrassing) them by issuing a release that doesn't include that driver, it is yet another example of Jack's micro-management business philosophy. If Jack finds the need to micro-manage, then one of two things is true -- either he has the wrong people, or he's an insecure leader himself. 

Good luck, Carl. When you flip off the switches after Homestead, run -- don't walk -- away from RFR as fast as you can.

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