Friday, August 30, 2013

What if...

There has been much speculation this week about who is really in charge these days at Stewart-Haas Racing -- Gene Haas, the millionaire businessman often perceived as the "money" behind the operation, or Tony Stewart, the also shrewd businessman who is also a world-class racer and the face of the company to the public on race weekends.

This speculation rose to new heights this week when Mr. Haas revealed that the impetus behind the recent signing of Kurt Busch to drive a 4th SHR entry in the Sprint Cup series was his, and his alone.  Mr. Stewart objected to the expansion at this time, but was told that the decision had essentially been made.

I'll submit this thought:  With the addition of Danica Patrick in 2012 and Kevin Harvick for 2014, where was Mr. Haas in those deals?   Seemingly, nowhere to be found.  I'm sure he was aware of the situation, but the spotlight was on and the impetus came from Mr. Stewart.

Maybe Mr. Haas thought it was his time to take charge for really the first time since this partnership was formed beginning with the 2009 Sprint Cup season.  Stranger things have happened...



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